Welcome to Power Pole® Group Classes! We welcome all levels with open arms. To find your specific Power Pole® Level, it is important to understand the Power Pole® Levels System. Power Pole® is taught in 4 distinct POWER POLE® LEVELS:

INTRO TO POLE - First Timers Start Here

LEVEL 1 - Beginner
LEVEL 2 - Advanced Beginner
LEVEL 3 - Intermediate
LEVEL 4 - Advanced Intermediate

LEVEL 5 - Advanced

Each Power Pole® group class offered on the schedule will contain the Power Pole® Level in the name of the class as well as in the description. Some classes may allow for more than one level. For Instance, the Tricks Mix class may be a Level 3/4. This would simply means that both Intermediate and Advanced Intermediate skills will be taught in this level. And for you individually, this means skills will be taught according to your level at that time and it will be required that you master each skill according to your level before moving on to the next skill level.

To better understand how each Power Pole® Level might be defined, we have provided a description of the Power Pole® Levels with examples of the skills taught in each level. This is not an all inclusive or comprehensive list by any means, but is meant to give you just a very basic overview of each level so that you may get an idea as to your proper level.

If you have any questions whatsoever, or need help determining your level, please feel free to contact us here or via email at info@powerpolesports.com.

How to Find Your Power Pole® Level
Power Pole® Group Class Levels
Introduction to Power Pole®




This is where you start. First timers and those new to Power Pole®. (Prerequisite to any Power Pole® series.)

First timers and beginners: Includes introductory Basics, Basic Spins, Basic Transitions, and Basic Floorwork

Intro Basics: Basic grip, basic walk, coordination, points of contact/leverage, and more.

Intro Spins: Fireman, Martini, Genie and more. 

Intro Transitions: Criss cross, Flamingo, Step around to Flamingo, and more.

Intro Floorwork: Kitty Kat, Diva, Dancing Lion, and more.




(You must have taken at least one Intro to Pole class prior to entering this series.)

Beginners: Includes Beginner Basics, Spins, Transitions, Exits, and Floorwork

Basics: Beginner grips, Beginner walks, Intro to grip switches, coordination, points of contact/leverage, muscle engagement and more.


Spins: Front hook, back hook, sun wheel, and more. 

Transitions: Step around sweep through, Log roll, and more.

Exits: Twist out, Loop-di-loop, Swivel out, and more

Floorwork: Kitty Kat variations, Swiveling Diva, Floor Fans, and more.

Level 1 Power Pole®
Level 2 Power Pole®



Includes: Combination Spins, Climbs, Sits, and Advanced Transitions 

Combinations spins: Static pole spins combining beginner spins in groups of 2 or 3.

Climbs: Introduction to beginner mounts and climbs. (First time climbers would take this Level.)

Sits: Floor based pole sits such as secretary sit, cross ankle sit, open scissor sit and more. Encompasses beginner sits and progresses to hands free sits.

Advanced Beginner Transitions: Long arm turn, salsa turn, windmill and more.

Level 3 Power Pole®




Includes: Beginner invert to Intermediate Invert, Inverted combos, intermediate climbs and sits, introduction to spin pole, conditioning and preparation for cartwheel and other dynamic strength related mounts and dismounts

Beginner Invert: Introduction to invert, standard snake invert, chopper, outside leg hang, hands free outside leg hang, inverted hip hold, hands free switch from outside leg hang to inside leg hang, and more. (First time inverters would need to take this Level.)


Intermediate Invert: Shouldermount, butterfly, hanging cupid, flight attendant, inverted z, and more. Encompasses combinations of intermediate inversions as well.


Intermediate climbs and sits: Kick leg climb, fireman spin climb, sidewinder climb, and more. Drama queen sit, z sit, twisty sit and more.


Spin Pole: Introduction to spin pole and beginner to intermediate spin pole.


Dynamic strength: Cartwheels, floor based walk overs, and aerial up and over prep and conditioning.

Level 4 Power Pole®




Includes: Advanced Intermediate invert, inverted combos, advanced intermediate climbs and poses, inverted spin pole combos, preparation/introduction to pole springs and other advanced intermediate dynamic strength related mounts and dismounts

Advanced Intermediate Invert: Extended butterfly, ayesha, standing cupid, brass monkey, layback and more. Encompasses combinations of intermediate and advanced intermediate inversions as well.

Advanced Intermediate climbs and poses: Hero climb, Circus Climb, Apprentice Climb, and more. Seahorse, Chopsticks, Rocket Man, Shi Shi, and more. 


Spin Pole: Advanced intermediate full combinations on spin. 

Dynamic strength: Basic aerial inverts, prep for aerial shoulder mount, pole springs, iron x intro/prep/conditioning, and more.

Level 5 Power Pole®




Includes: Advanced inverts, aerial inverts, progressive and advanced flexibility, complicated combinations including threading, drops, flips, tumbles, roll overs, catches, pole springs, cartwheels, dynamic strength mounts, dismounts and poses, illusion tricks and advanced spin pole combinations


As pole is continuously evolving, and at a rapid pace, this level will include any number of advanced to elite moves but to name just a few you will master toward the beginning of this level:


Aerial shoulder mount, advanced aerial inverts, dragons tail, pegasus, jallegra, janiero, anastasia, reverse ayesha, bird of paradise, and many, many more.

Dynamic and strength based aerial mounts and dismounts such as dead lifts in varying grips and poses, and flips, tumbles, cascades, and jumps on/off to and from the pole. 


This level will require and incorporate advanced strength conditioning and flexibility training.


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