Kriston Leagh


Power Pole® Sports

  • Owner and Founder

  • Athletic Trainer and Athletic Director

  • Pole Sports Head Coach

  • Pole Sports Athlete

  • Creator of the Viral Instagram Pole Challenge #WeekendPowerPoleProject

American Pole League

  • Board of Directors

  • Strategic Consultant

  • USOC Recognition Committee

  • USA Sports Council Recognition Committee

International Pole Sports Federation

  • Executive Committee Member

  • IPSF National Pole Sports Judge 

  • Head of Events (including the World Pole Sports Championships) and Marketing Committee 

  • International Olympic Committee Recognition Team

  • Pole Sports Disciplines Development Team (Ultra Pole, Pole Art, Urban Pole)​

Meet Kriston Leagh

Founder of Power Pole® 


Kriston Leagh is the owner and founder of Power Pole Sports and she has been instructing and coaching Pole for more than 10 years, but initially began in mainstream fitness over 12 years ago, obtaining 9 accredited fitness certifications and counting, including the prestigious ACE Certified Personal Trainer as well as ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor. Kriston also obtained additional certifications as Group Fitness Trainer and Personal Trainer from the World Fitness Association, where she obtained practical, hands on fitness training spanning the course of three years, and where she eventually went on to become a Master Fitness Trainer, heading up the entire Group Fitness Certification Program, and later developing a Pole Fitness Certification Program. Kriston has also trained with the best Pole instructors in the world, including the 2015 IPSF World Pole Sports Champion, Oona Kivela, the 2015 PSO U.S. National Pole Sports Champion, Shaina Cruea, and many other highly respected names in the pole industry, including Natasha Wang, Kristy Sellars, Phoenix Kazree, Kenneth Kao, Felix Cane, Karol Helms, Jamilla Deville, Marlo Fisken, Rebecca Star, Lou Landers, Michelle Stanek, and more. 


Kriston applies her extensive fitness, sports, competition, and pole training along with her education and experience to the Power Pole Sports Training Programs for an extremely technical, competent, and results based training program. Anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology are all foundational components of the Power Pole Sports Training Programs with an emphasis on form, technique, strength, agility and endurance. This training alone will bolster any pole enthusiast's or athlete's skill set, and added together with the Power Pole Sports Competition and Performance Guidelines and Kriston's extensive knowledge and understanding of Pole Sports competition judging, rules and regulations, can take any pole competitor's training to the next level forging a clear path to successful competition and winning routines. If you want to compete, she can help you. If you want to win, she can help you with that too.


Kriston also plays a key role in the evolution and development of Pole Sports working directly with the International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF), the international governing body of Pole Sports. Here she serves on the International Federation Executive Committee, as well as Heading the International Events and Marketing Committee, which includes the World Pole Sports Championships. She’s also a key member on several other committees including the International Olympic Committee Recognitions Team and the Pole Sports Disciplines Development Team (to include Ultra Pole, Pole Art, and Urban Pole). As the governing body of Pole Sports, the U.K. based IPSF is responsible for attaining Olympic and SportAccord recognition of Pole Sports, and is the regulator and producer of the World Pole Sports Championships, which is the pinnacle in Pole Sports events and set to be the qualifier for Olympic competition. The IPSF also regulates its National Federation members, their National qualifiers and IPSF endorsed competitions held throughout the world. Kriston is also an IPSF Certified National Pole Sports Judge, currently one of only 5 IPSF Certified Judges in the entire United States. She has also judged for the number one U.S. based competitive platform, the Pole Sport Organization (PSO). 


Kriston is passionate about Pole Sports with an education and natural affinity leaning toward competition. With her physical training and international pole sports experience, she is a proponent of clear, safe and comprehensive training and judging of pole athletes and is dedicated to the integrity and evolution of Pole Sports and takes great pride in Power Pole Sports being a leader in Pole Sports evolution.  

IPSF, Kriston Leagh, wpsc, worlds, pole sports, sport, fitness, coach, competition, olympics, international marketing
IPSF, Kriston Leagh, wpsc, worlds, pole sports, sport, fitness, coach, competition, olympics, international marketing
IPSF, Kriston Leagh, wpsc, worlds, pole sports, sport, fitness, coach, competition, olympics, international marketing


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