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One week of intensive training with

Power Pole Founder, Kriston Leagh includes:


10 Hours of  Private Instruction
Under Power Pole Series Next Level Standards

Training Program Designed Exclusively for You

Option of Training at South Beach's Renowned

Beach Pole Included


Train with Power Pole in Ft. Lauderdale located in sunny South Florida near Ft. Lauderdale Beach, Downtown Miami, Miami Beach, and South Beach. Enjoy our beaches, nightlife, and beautiful weather while you are here. Plan it with a friend, train together! Package discounts are available for friends on Traincation together!

We can customize Traincation packages to suit your needs. All you have to do is ask.

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Traincation Packages


One Person Traincation

Two Person Traincation

Three Person Traincation

Four Person Traincation





$500 per person, One person

$450 per person, Two people

$400 per person, Three people

$375 per person, Four people


beach pole training

Train with your personal Power Pole Coach on beautiful South Beach in Miami, Florida! Here you'll find the renowned South Beach Pole right on the beach in the middle of the Ocean Drive Outdoor Calisthenics Park. This is Florida training at it's finest! The Calisthenics Park comes complete with monkey bars, parallel bars, bench press/crunch bench, pull up bars, various other training gear, and of course, a POLE! You can also plan your Beach Pole Training with friends! Package discounts are available for friends that want to train together! Train in fun mode or in full on beast mode. It's your choice. You can even add the option of Beach Pole Photographer. 


Feel free to contact us for customized Beach Pole Training options and packages tailored to your specific needs and larger groups.



Training with Power Pole Founder

Kriston Leagh

including any combination

of the following options:

Beach Pole Training
Calisthenics Training

Strength Training

Cardio Training




All Training Programs are 

designed exclusively for you.

Beach Pole Training

One Person Beach Pole Training:

1 Hour of Training

2 Consecutive Hours of Training 

5 Hours of Training


Two Person Beach Pole Training:

1 Hour of Training

2 Consecutive Hours of Training 

5 Hours of Training









$75 per lesson, One person

$70 per lesson, One person

$65 per lesson, One person



$60 per person per lesson, Two people

$55 per person per lesson, Two people

$50 per person per lesson, Two people


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