We look for unique quality polewear so you don't have to. Shop this fun and flirty Pole Kiss Collection from our trusted partners at Boomkats right on their website where you'll find lots of other insanely cool collections and be privvy to special sales and discount codes too. Bookmats is known for their unique graphic prints, super sales, and all inclusive full sets of polewear. And they even design men's polewear too! 

Shop the whole collection here: BOOMKATS POLE KISS COLLECTION


Providing unique quality polewear for more than 35 countries on all 6 continents. 


Shown here is the full Pole Kiss Collection available on the Boomkats Website individually or in sets and they even offer Pole Set Bundles and literally tons of MIx and Match Options:


Cupid Wink Top

Jade Kiss Bottom

Genie Polka Dot Top

Martini Shiny Red Short

Red Pole Dance Skirt


xo Pole Kisses xo

Boomkats Pole Kiss Collection



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