For brands, businesses, and studios, sponsor the viral #WeekendPowerPoleProject on our popular @powerpolesports Instagram page, to be shared across our Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter pages.


The @powerpolesports Instagram page has been called the most inspiring page in pole and with 50,000 organic, loyal and engaged followers strong, @powerpolesports is the go-to page for pole dancers all around the world to see and learn new moves. It's used by students, instructors, studios, and home polers all over the world to learn and even teach new moves and find curriculum for classes. In addition, our #WeekendPowerPoleProject has gone viral, driving pole trends around the world as polers from every corner of the globe participate in these prolific projects and then visit our page constantly to the next evolution of moves and to see who is being featured next.


When sponsoring the Weekend Power Pole Project, you supply an item for a giveaway in the #WeekendPowerPoleProject and your brand, your business, or your studio receives an entire two weeks of intense spotlight exposure. The reach when sponsoring the Weekend Power Pole Project is exponentially higher than standard feature and ad posts.


Multiple Sponsorship Benefits:


With this option, we feature your business, your brand, or your studio as a sponsor for our VIRAL weekly Instagram challenge, the #WeekendPowerPoleProject, and also feature your product as the PRIZE in a giveaway for the project. To win the prize, EACH AND EVERY project participant is REQUIRED to FOLLOW your page, and to REPOST a graphic of your item or your contest to enter, and to TAG YOU in ALL of their entries. This gives you exponential reach when friends of friends of friends see or repost the graphic or ANY of the participate submissions posted.


In addition, we would feature your brand, your business, or your studio and a photo of your product in at least 4 brand/product specific posts over the course of the two week challenge, including the project launch, as well as creating a WINNER’S graphic that features your brand and your product. All 4 of these will also be shared across our Instagram Stories along with some of the participant submissions throughout the project for added reach, exposure, and engagement. Each and every brand/product post as well as ALL of the project submission posts, will also be shared across our Facebook page, our Twitter, and our Tumblr for even more reach across multiple social media platforms.


Your page will be tagged and your product will be mentioned in the text of every single project post we make for the entire two-week every time we feature project participant submissions, at least 8 additional project submission posts are guaranteed, sometimes more. This is by far the best value for brands and businesses. These posts also stay up forever. We do not delete our posts as some other pages do. We have found that in addition to the phenomenal exposure of your brand and product during the two-week project, plus the additional followers and engagement on your page from the project following, tagging and reposting rules, you will also receive orders of the featured product AFTER the challenge finishes from participants, friends of participants, onlookers, and followers who have seen your product the whole time and fallen in love with it over the course of the challenge, but didn’t actually win it. People who entered and waited hoping to win, and then didn’t win, will often purchase the product themselves after the project ends. Additionally, as we are a teaching page, our page is continually searched for new moves to teach and learn, and we meticulously and strategically hashtag each post for easy discovery in hashtag lists. For these reasons, even our older posts get higher than average exposure than a typical page. Sponsors can benefit from residual sales, exposure, and engagement even after the challenge is completed.


We’ll be happy to collaborate with you on how best to sponsor and to help you choose your best products to offer that will most appeal to our followers and help to draw the largest participation in your project.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us here or email us at

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    For sponsorhsips, dates of the project will be mutually agreed up and planned accordingly, but must be conducted within 90 days of sponsorship purchase. 

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