Power Pole Sports offers a number of professionally developed workshops. Lead and designed by Power Pole Sports founder, Kriston Leagh, each workshop is designed to be taught utilizing comprehensive progressive training strategies. This means that not only does Power Pole offer a wide range of Workshop options to fill every need, but also, each one has been built to be adaptable to every skill level. 


Kriston Leagh is an International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF) Certified National Pole Sports Judge. The U.K. based IPSF is the ruling body of Pole Sports and regulator of the World Pole Sports Championships held each year in London, and each of its National qualifiers held throughout the world. Kriston is currently one of only 5 such Judges in the entire United States. She has also judged for the number one U.S. based competitive platform, the Pole Sport Organization (PSO). She has been instructing and coaching Pole for more than 10 years but initially began in fitness over 12 years ago, obtaining 9 accredited fitness certifications and counting, including the prestigious ACE Certified Personal Trainer as well as ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor. Kriston also obtained additional certifications as Group Fitness Trainer and Personal Trainer from the World Fitness Association, where she eventually went on to become a Master Fitness Trainer, heading up the entire Group Fitness Certification Program, and later developing a Pole Fitness Certification Program. In addition to her fitness and pole certifications, Kriston has also trained with the best Pole instructors in the world, including the current IPSF World Pole Sports Champion, Oona Kivela, the current PSO U.S. National Pole Sports Champion, Shaina Cruea, and many other respected names in the pole industry, including Natasha Wang, Kristy Sellars, Phoenix Kazree, Kenneth Kao, Felix Cane, Karol Helms, Jamilla Deville, Marlo Fisken, Rebecca Star, Lou Landers, and Michelle Stanek. 


Kriston applies her extensive fitness, sports, competition and pole training, education and experience to the Power Pole Sports Training Programs and Workshops for a highly technical, meticulously designed, results based training program. In addition to Pole Sports specific skills, anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology are all foundational components of the Power Pole Sports Training Programs and Workshops with an emphasis on proper form and technique, as well as strength, agility and endurance. This training alone will bolster any pole enthusiast's or athlete's skill set, and combined with Kriston's extensive knowledge and understanding of Pole Sports competition judging, rules and regulations, can take any pole competitor's training to the next level forging a clear path to successful competition and winning routines.


Kriston Leagh is available to travel for Power Pole Workshops as well as Competition Judging. For further details and information on bringing Kriston Leagh and Power Pole Sports to your studio, facility, event, venue or competition, please contact us at workshops@powerpolesports.com. Power Pole Workshop options are listed below, and don't hesitate to contact us for customized workshops, judging, or consultation options. We are happy to customize services for you upon request. If you would like to be notified of Kriston Leagh's upcoming workshops and agenda, please sign up for our newsletter.


Tricks & Skills Based Workshops

With more than 12 years of pole, fitness, sports and competition experience, Power Pole Sports owner and founder, Kriston Leagh has amassed a sizable skill set and is known for an exceptional ability to give these skills away. With a knack for helping you GET IT, Kriston is what’s known in the business as a Trick Whisperer. Endowed with a natural ability, and love for teaching others, and equipped with an extensive teaching education and the experience to back up her passion, Kriston is readily able to set up each student for success. Also known for impeccable form, technique and execution, Kriston can push and polish your new and existing skills to perfection. Take your skills to the NEXT LEVEL with professional training and coaching by Power Pole Sports.

Examples of Available Skill Based Workshops:

  • Tricky Tricks Made Easy

  • Tricky Transitions and Combo Flow

  • Floor Based Leverage and Strength Tricks

  • The Science of Leverage in Pole

  • Spin Pole Elegance

  • Nail Your Nemesis

  • Trick Whisperer Clinic

  • Customized Workshops to suit your needs

Competition Workshops

Kriston Leagh is currently one of only 13 Certified International Pole Sports Federation National Judges in the entire United States and has also judged for the Pole Sport Organization, the world's largest pro-am pole competition organization. She is versed in all aspects of competition and willing to share her expertise in an effort to make competition more attainable and less intimidating for Pole Sports athletes of all ages and skill levels, and to take every athlete's competition efforts to the next level with professional competitor training and coaching by Power Pole Sports.

Examples of Available Competition Workshops:

  • Wow Factor Combos for Competition

  • Developing Competition Worthy Choreography

  • Stage Presence and Charisma for Competition

  • How to Get Started with Competition

  • Understanding Rules and Regulations

  • Music and Costume Selection

  • What are the Judges Looking For

  • Competitor's Edge: How to Win

Judging Assignments & Speaking Engagements

Kriston Leagh is one of only 13 Certified International Pole Sports Federation National Judges in the entire United States and has also judged for the Pole Sport Organization, the world's largest pro-am pole competition organization, and she is available for travel to Judge your competition. While there, she is also available for any Power Pole Workshops, as well as for lectures, seminars and Competitor Q & A sessions. Kriston Leagh is versed in every aspect of competition and willing to share her expertise in an effort to make the entire process of competition run smoothly and be a positive experience for all competitors. Learn from a Certified National Pole Sports Judge.

Available for Live Judging and Seminars:

  • Live Judging at your Competition

  • Lectures, Seminars, Q & A

  • Competitors Edge: How to Win

  • Skills and Tricks Workshops

  • Conditioning Workshops 

  • Competitor Workshops

  • Instructors and Coaches Workshops

  • Judge's Critique of Your Competition Routine (also available ONLINE)

Conditioning Based Workshops

Pole Sports requires sport specific training, and cross training for balance of strength, muscle symmetry, opposing muscle stability, stamina and endurance. Kriston Leagh is not only an experienced Pole Sports Instructor and IPSF Certified National Judge, she has also been certified as a Personal Trainer well as a Group Fitness Instructor by the prestigious American Council on Exercise (ACE), as well as the World Fitness Association. She can lead you to a stronger, sleeker, more capable you through a proven and professional Pole Sports specific conditioning program by Power Pole Sports.

Examples of Available Conditioning Based Workshops:

  • ​Pole Strong Core and Abs

  • Stamina and Endurance

  • Strength and Symmetry

  • Cross Training for Pole

  • Competition Ready Body

  • Customized Conditioning Workshops to suit your needs

Instructors & Coaches Training

With more than 12 years in the fitness, sports, competition, and pole industries, Kriston Leagh applies her extensive education and experience to the Power Pole Sports Coaches and Instructors Training Program for a highly technical, comprehensive, results based system consisting of methodical skill set progressions for Pole Sports specific strength, flexibility, agility and stamina training. Kriston’s extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology fosters safe training, proper form, polished technique, and flawless execution. With the added aspect of Power Pole Competition and Performance Guidelines, this is the elite training that will set your athletes and enthusiasts apart from the rest. Teaching is both an art, and a science. Kriston Leagh marries these two essential elements with professional, in-depth and effective Instructors and Coaches Training by Power Pole Sports.

Examples of Available Instructors and Coaches Training:

  • Curriculum Building

  • How to Handle Drop Ins

  • How to Coach a Competitor

  • What is the IPSF Looking For

  • What is the PSO Looking For

  • Power Pole Level One Trainer

  • Power Pole Level Two Trainer

  • Power Pole Level Three Trainer

Live Online Workshops

Examples of Available Live Online Workshops:

  • Live Online Consultations​

  • Webinars and Interviews

  • Competition Consultations

  • Choreography Clinic

  • Competition Open Q & A

  • Understanding Competition Rules and Regulations

  • Event Routine Review

  • Competition Routine Review

  • Judge's Critique of Your Competition Routine

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